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We at HighPoint Solutions hope you enjoyed a fantastic holiday with your loved ones and wish you a happy and healthy New Year! Here’s to 2016!

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Are you embarking on a journey to implement Workday or similar technology, and wondering whether it’s necessary to have Change Management support? Based on my 20+ years' experience in Change Management, especially helping Workday teams transition from legacy ERP systems to SaaS solutions, I can tell you it IS necessary. You should leverage Change Management techniques and tools when... Read More


Written by Jim Goldfinger, VP Client Value Networks & Strategic Alliances 

As the world of healthcare has evolved over the past few years, we are seeing a dramatic shift in focus to the patient. Patients don’t necessarily need more medication, they need more support. We need to heighten our focus on healing, not just treating. Life Sciences and Healthcare companies need a technological platform...

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