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Karl Ramas, Manager, Pricing, Contracting & Market Access

Karl is a manager in the Pricing, Contracting, and Market Access practice at HighPoint Solutions. He is an experienced consultant who provides Subject Matter Expertise in the Commercial contracting business areas, which includes Master Data management, Commercial Contract strategy and management, and Direct Sales, Chargebacks, Rebates, and Admin Fees processing. Karl has over 7 years of experience working in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry. Prior to working at HighPoint Solutions, Karl worked for a large consulting firm for 5 years, serving various roles in projects across multiple industries.

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Special thanks to co-author Joe Cabe, Manager, Pricing, Contracting & Market Access. 

It’s common to lump the medical device and pharmaceutical industries together. Both are essential to the healthcare industry and have similar business models. However, when we examine each, we uncover vast differences between the two markets.

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