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Neelabh Saxena, Associate Director, Pricing, Contracting & Market Access

Neelabh Saxena is an Associate Director within the Pricing, Contracting & Market Access practice at HighPoint Solutions, focusing on Commercial Strategy, Medicaid and Government Pricing. His academic credentials include a Masters in Pharmaceutical Economics from Barcelona School of Management, Spain, an MBA from New York University, a M.S. in MIS from Texas A &M University and a B.E in Computer Engineering from University of Delhi.
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Risk-sharing agreements have emerged as a popular mechanism to balance increased payer focus on managing costs and the manufacturer’s need to gain market access for new products.  In Europe, variations of these agreements are common and in the U.S., they are gaining more prominence. However, a lot of confusion exists among payers and manufacturers on terminology. This article aims to clarify...

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The goal of a public company and the fiduciary responsibility of company executives is to maximize shareholder value. In simple terms, maximize profit, which drives long-term shareholder value. Pharmaceutical companies are no exceptions.

However, when commercial strategy is scrutinized, an interesting trend emerges. Let us assume that an executive goal is to maximize profit over the life of...

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On January 21, 2016, CMS released an advance-print copy of the long-awaited final rule on the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP). The final rule implements various statutory amendments, revises the calculation of Average Manufacturer Price (AMP), makes certain changes to the determination of Best Price and addresses other issues relating to Medicaid price reporting and reimbursement. The...

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