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Brief overview of 340B reimbursement

In 1992, the 340B drug discount program was passed as Section 340B of the Public Health Service Act. This program allows “covered entities”, hospitals and clinics which have enrolled in the program and demonstrated a minimum disproportionate share adjustment percentage, to receive discounted pricing when purchasing drugs from the manufacturer. 

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The 340B Drug Discount Program (otherwise known as PHS program) was created in 1992 as a federally-funded program to provide reduced drug pricing to “safety net providers” that serve uninsured or vulnerable patients.  The concept was simple: Manufacturer drug pricing for covered outpatient drugs offered at extremely reduced prices—sometimes even at a penny—to eligible, qualified entities. The...

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On January 30, 2017, the OMB website officially designated the 340 B Omnibus Guidance as withdrawn. Manufacturers should continue to follow historical guidance in place until the new administration provides further clarity.

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