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There are a few reasons why eDetailing was a natural evolution of pharma promotion. Every healthcare professional, and particularly specialist physicians, report a reduction in availability or willingness to receive visits from pharmaceutical reps. In fact a 2016 survey showed that only 11% of HCPs preferred to be contacted in person.

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Most project managers in the life sciences industry know that for a CRM implementation to be a true success, management buy-in and training must be top priorities. This is especially true for global CRM implementations where standardization of processes is even more important than the technology itself. However, without wide user adoption, the project is set for failure.

And to a fault in most...

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This entry is cross-posted on Understanding Centricity, Antonio's blog on Life Sciences Innovation and Commercial Excellence—Customer and Patient Centricity within Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and BioTechnology Landscape.

The healthcare landscape continues to evolve in complexity for Life Sciences companies. The clear shift of prescribing power from physician prescription influence to...

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