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In the life sciences industry, there are no clear best practices or standard frameworks on how to establish a measurement plan for an end-to-end CRM implementation. A CRM roadmap strategy is challenging and the specificities of pharmaceuticals, with R&D being such an important piece of the business model, make it even more difficult.

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Most project managers in the life sciences industry know that for a CRM implementation to be a true success, management buy-in and training must be top priorities. This is especially true for global CRM implementations where standardization of processes is even more important than the technology itself. However, without wide user adoption, the project is set for failure.

And to a fault in most...

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Organizations across industries have made significant investments in their CRM strategy, implementation and on-going maintenance.  While each industry brings its own uniqueness with how they chose to interact and engage their customers, we have seen a common theme among nearly every large-scale CRM initiative.  It is a common pitfall most organizations do not plan for; or chose to...

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