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Market Access is becoming more and more challenging. This is irrespective of drug classes and new technologies. Payers are applying the same scrutiny on orphan drugs as on drugs for primary care. This is driven by increased budget constraints in healthcare systems and the heterogeneity of reimbursement systems worldwide.

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Market access functions in life sciences are always evolving. Disrupted by the increasing share of Biosimilars, companies are reorganizing themselves. In this environment, market access departments are absolutely required and given increased responsibilities — all driven by external and internal factors.

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Biosimilars are on the agenda of several players in the pharmaceutical industry. Several companies’ new leg of growth seems to be the creation of a biosimilar franchise. The question is “How real are the opportunities in an ever growing competitive environment?"

In the next 5 years, Biosimilars could hit the market to compete with some key biologics cumulating sales of more than EUR40 billion....

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